SIDHARTH Born on 18th April 1956 Punjab, India

1969-76 – While still at school started working as a signboard painter in his home town. – Learnt Thangka painting technique from Tibetan Lamas at Dharamshala.
1976-81 – Joined College of Art, Chandigarh for five years diploma in painting. – Joined the group ‘Solids’ of Chandigarh and exhibited ‘White Space’ series.
1977 – Travelled in rural Punjab and studied folk motifs by sketching and through photography. The paintings based on folk motifs were acquired by the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh.
1979 – ‘Acquisition Exhibition’ at Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh. First ‘Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Award’ for painting ‘White Space’. – Joined the art camp organized by the Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh. – Commissioned to paint portraits of soldiers and war-scenes for ‘Sapper’s Museum’ in Roorkee, U.P.
1980 – Second ‘Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Award’ for painting ‘Green Dog’. – Landscape and dogs emerge on the canvas as the main images during the period.
1981 – While caring for a sick, dying girl who use to play ‘ Hop-scotch’ started drawing various forms of a child playing hop-scotch (pencil on paper) and completed an oil painting on this subject. – Started drawing human figures from bus-stand in Chandigarh ( pencil and waterproof ink on paper) – ‘Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Award’ for painting, for third time in a row.
1982 – Shifted to Delhi. Joined an advertising agency as Visualiser.
1983 – Joined Lalit Kala Academy’s Graphics workshop at Community studios, Garhi, New Delhi. – Did lithographs of bus-stand figures. – Exhibition organized by the group ‘Karu’ at Baradari, Garhi, New Delhi.
1984 – Joined the Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi as an exhibitionofficer. – During this period, got opportunity to interact with master craftsperson of India and to learn from them about their crafts. – Made a short film on Sitadevi, a Madhubani painter. – Commissioned to design a house in Ghaziabad, near Delhi. – Shifted to Ghaziabad.


1985 – Started working on paintings (acrylic on canvas) entitled ‘Mela’ (The Fair) – ‘Annual Art Exhibition’ in Shimla, H.P. and received an award for a painting from the Mela series.
1986 – First one man show entitled ‘ Self Clowns’ (pencil and oil drawings on paper) at Triveni Gallery, New Delhi.
– Travelled all over India and made films on Ancient Indian Temple architecture, sculpture and paintings.
1987 – ’14 Artists Drawing Show’ figure drawings (pencil on board) held at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.
1988 – Started working with papier-mache and made ‘Heads’ in this medium.
1989 – ‘Exhibition of Mini Prints by 26 Artists’ at Gallery Roman Rolland,Alliance Francaise de Delhi (etching prints) – Safdar Hashmi memorial show ‘Artists Alert’ pencil on board at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi. – ‘International Biennale of Prints’ (etching prints) at Bharat Bhavan,Bhopal,India. – Started working on ‘Hop-scotch’ series (oils).
1990 – Organized a group show ‘A Tribute to Vincent van Gogh’ on the death centenary of Vincent van Gogh at Lalit Kala Gallery, Chandigarh. – ‘Art Unlimited’ A Tribute to Vincent van Gogh,a group show organized by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi. – Second one man show entitled ‘Hop-Scotch’ of paintings, gouache, drawings and papier-mache heads at Gallery Espace, New Delhi.
1991 – ‘The Fire’ paintings (acrylic on canvas) painted during the Gulf war in the premises of ‘Kala Mela’ (Art Fair) organized by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.
1992 – Third one-man show of paintings and drawings of the ‘Hop-scotch’ series at Jehangir Art Gallery II, Mumbai.
– Artist in residency followed by an exhibition of paintings in Phoenix Secondary School, Medley, Shropshire U.K.
– Started working on IInd part of ‘Hop-scotch’ as Kaleidoscope (oil on canvas).
1993 – Exhibition of paintings entitled ‘M.F. Hussain and Contemporary Indian Artists’ in Dubai.
– ‘Images of Struggle and Hope’ an exhibition of paintings organized by Jharokha Art Gallery, New Delhi.
1994 – Started working on the subject ‘Ball of Rags’. – Fourth one man show of drawings (China glass marking on plastic paper) and Installation entitled ‘Ball Rags’ at Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi. – ‘Drawing 94’ organized by Gallery Espace, curated by Mr. Prayag Shukla at AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi. – Fifth one man show of drawings and Installation entitled ‘Ball of Rags’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.
1995 – Started working with thick Impasto oils on canvas. – ‘Emerging Trends’ exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculptures at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi. – Art camp organized by L.V. Prasad Eyes Hospital,C.C.M.B. Hyderabad. – Started working with mineral colors and searching for oriental techniques for painting. – Exhibition of gouache on paper (small format) organized by Gallery Espace. – ‘International Art Camp’ at Puri,Orissa organized by Samilton Hotel, Calcutta.
1996 – Camp organized by Bhubaneshwari Kala Sangam, New Delhi. – ‘Mini prints 96’ an exhibition of miniature prints (etchings) organized by Gallery Espace curated by Ms Anupam Sud, at British Council Division, New Delhi. – ‘Pastels’ an exhibition of pastels organized by Art Motif at AIFACS Galleries, New Delhi. – Group show at Surya Gallery, Hyderabad. – Travelled around in Scandinavian countries, worked in late Paul Jacob Person’s studio in Odeshog, Sweden. – Sixth one -man show of tempera paintings at Gallery ‘ HEDA’ Odeshog, Sweden.

1997 – ‘Anniversary Show of Art Works’ organized by Surya Gallery at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and Surya Gallery, Hyderabad. – Seventh one-man show, egg tempera on ‘Wasli’ paper, miniature format at Surya Gallery, Hyderabad. – Installation ‘Shakti’ Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi. – ‘A Tribute to Mother Teresa’ gouache on paper, a show organized by Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi. – Eighth one-man show of Installation entitled ‘Shakti’ and release of first music cassette ‘The Way Of The White Clouds’ at Shridharani Gallery ,Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.
1998 – Ninth one man show entitled ‘Mid-Night Sun’ tempera on Swedish hand made paper, works done in ‘Paul’s Studio’ at Odeshog, Sweden. Exhibited at Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi. – Designed & executed (built) a house for ‘Ravi Steels’ Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. – Group show entitled ‘Krishna’ gouache on paper (small format 8″x8″) at Gallery Mirage, New Delhi. – Tenth one man show entitled ‘My Village’ gouache on paper, maiden show of the Gallery ‘ Patiala Art World’ at Patiala, Punjab. – Group show at C.C.M.B. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. – Married Devangi in December.
1999 – Eleventh one man show entitled ‘Neti- Neti’ (Not this, Not that) gouache on ‘Wasli’ (a handmade paper ) at the Queen’s Gallery, The British Council, New Delhi.
– Water color show entitled ‘Amrit Sagar’ organized by Art Indus at Lalit Kala Galleries, curetted by Ratnottama Sengupta.
– Participated in ‘Art Access Week-the third’ a show organized by Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai
– The Mask- Group show organized by DhoomiMall art Centre New Delhi A writ up on Masks contributed entitled “Masks”

2000 – Gallery Espace a Group show ‘Papier-mâché Pulp’
– Gallery Om ‘Water color Show’ New Delhi
– Vhai Art Camp In favor of Orissa Cyclone hit people at Konakr at Toshali
Sands and exhibition of works at Habitat Center New Delhi.
contributed poems as well
-Indian Art Heritage Centre Washington DC group show organized by
India With Art.
trawled in USA
-13th one man show organized by India with Art in Washington Indian heritage centre

2001 – 14 March birth of baby girl ‘Gaurja’
– Cry organized an exhibition of Indian contemporary artist at Dubai at
gallery Ramesh to help the deprived children
-VHAI organized an exhibition of art works to help the artisans of Gujarat.
Earth Quack relief fund at Habitat Center New Delhi
-ISU International Art Gallery Singapore Kaleidoscope- Contemporary
Indian art Exhibition
– Interpretation of Time and Space on Paper, Organized By Mantram art
Foundation at Habitat art center Foyer Gallery New Delhi 11-15 October
– Society For Child development Organized Art For Prabhat, Academy of fine`
arts New Delhi, 12-21 October.
-Gallery Stalwarts – III a show curetted by mr. Jagdish Day and Mr. K.
Damodran ,during Doomimal millennium Festival at Collectors Gallery New
Delhi. 16- 23 October.
– 14th one man show entitled ‘Silent moments’ at Gallery Om New Delhi
December 15th-12th January 2002
2000 ‘ Lipi’-three Artists at Art Today-New delhi, 24 Jan-9 Feb
– ‘Joy of life’ at Habitat Visual Arts Gallery organized by Gallery Art Alive, New Delhi , 27 Feb-7th march
– Man and Nature’ at Gallery Uruswati New Delhi
– ‘Half a foot square paintings and sculpture’ at Dhoomimal Art Center New Delhi – April-8-April 19

– Sanfransisco USA- show organized by Dhoomimal Art Gallery of New
– ‘Sixth august’ exhibition organized by ‘Open space a visual dialogue’ at
Garhi Gallery, New Delhi
-‘Navarasa’ a show curetted by Ms. Alka Pandefor VHAI, Apparao Galleries
And India Habitat Center for arts New Delhi- 12 August-15 August
Light and Art, exhibition organized by Indian society of lighting engineers
curated by Ashas Salon’ d’ Art, pragati maidan New Delhi 6th septembe
9 September 2002 – Uruswati Art Gallery Anual Show 6th September 2002
New Delhi.

October-2002- “Argosy” a group show of paintings, organized by Design Art and Gallery espace at Dubai Marine Beach Club Jumeirah, Dubai -6th august a show in memories of Hiroshima Nagasaki atom bomb tragedy organized by Mr. Umesh Verma at Lalit kala studios Garhi. New Delhi -impressions of artists of poems of Mr. Ashok Bajpai Lalit kala Studios Garhi New Delhi organized by Mr. Umesh Verma. – A group show of Paintings organized By Art Pilgrim DLF New Delhi -‘Krishna’ organized by Gallery Om New Delhi November 2oo2- “Only Connect” a group show organized by Gallery Art Alive at Hyat Regency New Delhi. December 2002- “Lokraag” a group show curetted by poet and art critic Mr. Pryag Shukla For Art Pilgrim at Visual Art gallery Habitat Center New Delhi.

January – Indo Korea art show in Korea February – ‘Basant’ an exhibition of paintings organized by ‘Kalanjali art gallery’ New Delhi March – ‘Hues ‘ organized by Gallery Om at Rabindera Bhawan New Delhi June – Art Camp at Kasouli; Himachal pradesh, organized by Urusvati art Gallery New Delhi, August – Kasoli art show at Urusvati Art Gallery New Delhi ‘6 August’ – annual show organized by Mr. Umesh Verma at Garhi Studios Gallery New Delhi August 15 – ‘Freedom’ a kite show organized by Dhoomimal art centre at Habitat art centre New Delhi August – Annual show ‘Art Pilgrim’ at Rabindra Bhawan New Delhi September- ‘Reclaiming Lotus’ Curetted By Alka Pande and organized by Apparao Galleries at Triveni kala sangam New Delhi. September – work shop on vegetable and mineral pigments of their source and use at habitat centre lodhi road New Delhi organized by Apparao Galleries.
September – ‘Lotus and Architecture’ . ‘Lotus in Oriental arts’ series of lectures organized by Apparao Galleris at Triveny Lecture hall New Delhi. September 22 – Nehru Center London (UK) ‘Panch Tatva’ solo show of Paintings organized by ‘India with Art’ – Mineral and vegetable Pigments source and use in painting’ lecture at Nehru center London during the show. September – ‘Harvest 2003’ annual show organized by ‘Arushi Art Gallery’ New Delhi September – ‘Ravi Jain Memorial Show ‘ at Ravi Jain Doomimal International’ New Delhi October – ‘Cultural Ties’ Neck ties design based on contemporary paintings by ‘Satyapaul’ organized by Apparao Galleries in Mumbai and during November in New Delhi November – Art camp in Malaysia December – Annual art show of ‘Gallery Alternative’ Gurgaon December – Art Absolute’s New Art Gallery opening show

2004 Started to work on ‘Baraha maha’ text from ‘Shri Guru Granth’ January – ‘Art Pilgrim’ Annual show Visual art Gallery Habitat centre Delhi April – Nitanjali Gallery Art camp Australia Alka Pandey Netherland show Art Pilgrem-Ratnottama Show Delhi and Colcatta Aryan Art Gallery Apparao food and Art Apparao charity show Written a paper on contemporary Punjab Art, World Punjabi conference Punjabi university, Patiala, Punjab December – Gallery Ganesha at habitat center 2005 January – International Triennial Delhi -Art camp organized by Popular prakashan Mumbai in Turkey. February- Mr. K. Bikram Singh Started to work on Documentary film ‘In search of Color’ on life and work of Sidharth. April –‘Colors’ a painting show curetted by Ratnottamasen Gupt May- Group Show Gallery Art Positive

September –Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show October –Art Camp in Italy November -Art Camp in Canterbury U.K. Organized By Sehr New Delhi December – Group Show with Khushi. (NGO) 2007 working on Bara-Maha series for one man show May –4 May Show in Delhi at Oberoi hotel -Traveling Show in London Gallery Art Pilgrim U.K. -Precipitation Indian Contemporary Art Auction At Sotheby’s Art Auction House London

July -Group Show At Trident Hotel

August –Gallery Art Positive Group Show

September – Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show

October –Group Show at Dhoomimal Art Centre In New Delhi

December –Auction & Exhibition times Of India Group Art
2008 March –Art Camp in Japan June –Art Camp in Russia September – Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show October – Savera Association Group Exhibition at Hotel Lalit December – Sarina Narula Charity Show For Under Privilege Children In London 2009 Working On the Series The Decorated Cow

April –Participated In Chawla Art Gallery Group Show -Composed Music, Sung And Translated By Sidharth May till July

September – Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show

March – One Man Show The Decorated Cow At Religare Artsi Connaught Place New Delhi – April Gallery Art & Soul Group Show Mumbai (Curetted By Prayagshukla butterflies show) July – Group Show Sawan At Red Earth (Celebrating Sawan ) – August Gallery Group Show Tao Art Gallery (Evolve curated by Mrs kalpana Shah) September – Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show

October – Group Show Gandhi At Alliance France With Progressive Art Gallery – Art Celebrates Sports and The City Curetted By Rupica Chawla At Lalitkala Academy New Delhi (Gallery Ganesha ) – Art Camp In Cambodia Organized By Dhoomimal City Art Gallery November –Group Show At Gallery Art Positive Art Fair At Hotel Lalit

December-Started To Write A Book Based On Story From Vishnu Dharmotara Puran


January – India Art Summit Participation with Gallery Ganesha New Delhi