The Songs of Seasons (Barah-maha)

For centuries, poets all over the world have been writing about the rhythmic changes and evolving patterns of the seasons. Baba Nanak a sage poet singer the first Sikh Guru’s hymns included in Shri Guru Granth, raga tukhari Barah-Maha is my inspiration throughout my life and while working on this theme.

To me, human awareness, human consciousness changes with seasons…it finds its own as the season evolves. Through my work, I search for that elusive peace, the awakening, a state where one is at peace with environment and with self, a state of quiet acceptance and awareness.

In the rendition of each season, I have tried to source the colours from the flora and fauna peculiar to that time of the year.

For me, Barah-maha has been a journey. One of seeing things in my environment that otherwise I may not have done, of comprehending and understanding the play of each season in nature…in life…my environment…and, myself.