The calligraphy

My mother tongue is Saraiki Punjabi and the script is Gurumukhi, which is developed by the Sikh Gurus in late 15th century, while second guru started to rewrite the poetry of sage poets of oriental region and of different religion, collected by the first guru Baba Nanak.

Very humble rounded and spontaneous artistic and spiritual feel of the script always interests me since my child hood I started to write Mool mantra from Shri Guru Granth as an every day meditation in 1994 and till date it is my every day practice.

I found a family of the traditional handmade paper makers who prepared wasli paper from jute for the fifth Sikh guru was editing the anthology of sage poets for guru Granth. Now I am using the same acid free wasli paper and vegetable dyes for writing the hymns from Guru Granth Sahib.