Incidentally, not even half the folks that call themselves Bikers actually live the lifestyle of one. And we don’t blame them for it. It’s just the way of the world. It ties you down. Work, career, relationships, responsibility, everything designed to keep you grounded and keep you balanced.

On a bike however, it is impossible to attain balance while standing still. You gotta keep moving. The life of a biker is the living embodiment of that statement.Read More



Sidharth is predominately a painter, but do not jumps to a conclusion to create a painting. He is a conceptual, thinking a very patient and skillful artist. His method of working is like a scholar a scientist who will not just look at things from one angle. As he says “Only an aware scientific mind could lead to a spiritual being. My works reflects a biographical note of life force and the way of living. The choice of subjects, forms, colors and the selections of materials present mind body and spiritual dimension of life. I have experienced working in different times in different genres with much kind of mediums of expression. Sometime medium gave me way to explore and sometime characterize forms or subject matter forced me to choose the medium” Sidharth is a storyteller, made documentary films, installations and have executed sculptures in different mediums

As an accomplished alchemist and conceiver of distinctive palettes, Sidharth produces his own pigments from natural vegetable sources and minerals, clays, organic chromatic.

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