The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow- is a critical dialoguing with ecology where the cow/ the created finally turn around in revenge upon the creators of its ignominy. However this is a double edged. On side is the archetypal Kamadhenu with deities residing in its various aspects and parts. In contrast to this is the modern Kamadhenu with typically the face of an Indian homemaker who is accessible to the reified modern Indian as a collage of brands of cheese, dairy whitener, milk and ghee. There is ambivalence as if with regards to who is laughing at whom? The eye of the cow laughs as there is the revenge of nature or the cow through oxytocin etc which hasten puberty and cause unnatural effects in the seemingly bucolic children. The viewer too laughs at the depiction humorous but with dark, tragic undertones.

Ms. Seema Bawa

write-ups by:

 Mr. Kapil Chopra
 Mr. Kishore Singh

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