The Cosmic Cow

The Cosmic Cow

Sidharth celeberates the being of the cow even as he looks at the darker side of the cosmos, the un-create and timeless represented by the dark energy of Shiva and the dark god Krishna in relationship with the white energies of the snow, of the cow , of milk and butter and of their consorts Gauri and Radha. The aesthetic created by this spiritual interaction is explored in this section. The eternal churning between man and the ‘other’, the duality of Shiva and Parvati, prakriti and purusha, of practice and thought, of be-ing and imaginative consciousness, is set out. In this ebb and flow of cosmic time, the cow remains both the eternal participant and witness, as the dancing Nandi, the Dark Krishna-Shiva dancing a cosmic dance of creation and destruction. A leit-motif in his paintings is an androgynous figure representing the spiritual and awakened soul, the adhyatamik atma and the cow.

Ms. Seema Bawa

write-ups by:

Mr. K. Bikram Singh
Mr. Prayag Shukla

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